GTA02 is now an expensive brick

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Thu Jan 8 16:36:25 CET 2009

Paul-10 wrote:
>  The echo is on the other party's end.  I can relate, who wants to hear
> themselves echo along with weird buzzing? After so many complaints
> from people I call or call me, I cannot in good conscience continue to
> use this phone. 

After a month and a half of people saying "I hate your new phone, I can hear
myself at full volume about a second after I speak" (some folks found it
amusing), and then a few weeks of "God damn you freerunner, will you please
wake up when I get a call!" I had to stop as well, I rely on having a mobile
too much to be able to put up with it.

Perfectly willing to try again, but I'm waiting or either a new android
build or the next FSO milestone.

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