GTA02 is now an expensive brick

Marc Rios marcrios84 at
Thu Jan 8 17:17:04 CET 2009

If you know the solution why you don't share with all?

It will be another reason to afirm that FR is a good phone for geeks!!
Marc Rios


On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Johny Tenfinger <seba.dos1 at> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 16:36, Gothnet <openmoko at>
> wrote:
> > After a month and a half of people saying "I hate your new phone, I can
> hear
> > myself at full volume about a second after I speak" (some folks found it
> > amusing), and then a few weeks of "God damn you freerunner, will you
> please
> > wake up when I get a call!" I had to stop as well, I rely on having a
> mobile
> > too much to be able to put up with it.
> >
> > Perfectly willing to try again, but I'm waiting or either a new android
> > build or the next FSO milestone.
> Ability to searching informations is neccesary with using FreeRunner.
> (I think all of FR users should remember that)
> Getting rid of echo on FSO is only one line added in some file. Search
> for it. It works well for me.
> Tip? AT%N0173.
> Second tip? This maillist.
> Good luck in searching.
> It's very annoying to reading "GTA02 is now expensive brick", "GTA02
> unusable, bring me back my f***ing money blahjblahablh", "gta02
> lalalala" topics, where ignorant people are complaining about issues
> in gta02... which works for me. You only have to do less lazy ;) Or
> have more spare time. It's neccesary with FreeRunner, you should know
> it before buying it. (how the hell have i known it before i buyed FR?
> i was only reading wiki and maillists!)
> Yes, marketing as "ready to use phone" was FIC/OM fault.
> Believing in this marketing was your fault. It was easy to check.
> Your "not working" Neos are your fault. Mine is working very well. How
> it's possible? "Think about it, man!" (Tenacious D - Inward Singing
> ;])
> GTA01 was mainly for (hardware) developers. GTA02 is mainly for geeks.
> GTA03 looks promising, if only there won't be hardware issues.
> I knowed it before i buyed FreeRunner. And i'm only user. I'm
> interested in Openmoko since few (2-4) month before FreeRunner was
> released. But i was witting (? i don't know if it is correct word ;) )
> about issues with Neos. And that's why i'm happy with it.
> Most of you, who are shouting "it's a brick! it's a brick!" should buy
> Android or Symbian, or even Windows Mobile based phone. Not Openmoko.
> Think about it, again! ;]
> Heh, i don't know if i say everythink i want. English is not my native
> language and it was always problematic for me. As opposite to my Neo
> ;)
> dos
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