GTA02 is now an expensive brick

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Thu Jan 8 17:21:25 CET 2009

Johny Tenfinger wrote:
> Ability to searching informations is neccesary with using FreeRunner.
> (I think all of FR users should remember that)
> Getting rid of echo on FSO is only one line added in some file. Search
> for it. It works well for me.
> Tip? AT%N0173.
> Second tip? This maillist.
> Good luck in searching.

Thanks, but it took months for this to even be addressed, and even now it's
not in there by default. As it's fundamental to a working phone it should
be. And from the threads I;ve found it doesn't actually help everyone.

> It's very annoying to reading "GTA02 is now expensive brick", "GTA02
> unusable, bring me back my f***ing money blahjblahablh", "gta02
> lalalala" topics, where ignorant people are complaining about issues
> in gta02... which works for me. 
> You only have to do less lazy ;) Or
>> have more spare time.
> I'm guessing English isn't your first language. Did you mean to be
> insulting by calling me ignorant?
> Either way this was addressed upthread, firstly that not all of these
> issues are fixed and some are flat-out ignored, and secondly that no, I
> and others were not expecting to have to be giving the phone daily
> attention to get it and keep it in a state where it is useable as a daily
> phone. A mobile is important to my life, but not as its central object.
>  It's neccesary with FreeRunner, you should know
>> it before buying it. (how the hell have i known it before i buyed FR?
>> i was only reading wiki and maillists!) 
> There's a difference between getting a system, flashing software, applying
> updates etc, and living with a mobile phone that fails to do anything
> properly.
> <qupote>Yes, marketing as "ready to use phone" was FIC/OM fault.
> Believing in this marketing was your fault. It was easy to check.

Really? So we're right to distrust and dislike OM? Thanks for the
confirmation. By the way, back in July it wasn't easy to check. the mailing
list was full of praise and "OMG it works!" and the wiki was full of
interesting facts about things that *worked* in the various software

Your "not working" Neos are your fault. Mine is working very well. How
> it's possible? "Think about it, man!" (Tenacious D - Inward Singing
> ;])

You have a responsive UI? Perfect sound? a fix for suspend/resume? No
white/blackscreen faults? No GSM buzz? No problems charging when it's dead?
No GSM bounce issues? No problems associating to multiple access points in
one session with wifi? etc

Well done, congrats, share the software and hardware schematic updates with
the rest of us please. And feed it back in to a reasonably easy to apply

Besides which, most of the fixes seem to be a trade-off anyway. The first
solution for echo seemed to be to turn various volumes down, and then you
have a very quiet phone. The fix for the buzz is in hardware. The fix for
calypso seemed to be not to use its sleep feature , which is bad for power

GTA01 was mainly for (hardware) developers. GTA02 is mainly for geeks.

I'm a severe geek by the standards of most people I know, including many in
the software industry.

GTA03 looks promising, if only there won't be hardware issues.
> I knowed it before i buyed FreeRunner. And i'm only user. I'm
> interested in Openmoko since few (2-4) month before FreeRunner was
> released. But i was witting (? i don't know if it is correct word ;) )
> about issues with Neos. And that's why i'm happy with it.
> Most of you, who are shouting "it's a brick! it's a brick!" should buy
> Android or Symbian, or even Windows Mobile based phone. Not Openmoko.
> Think about it, again! ;]

Yes, it was terribly foolish of us to buy into the idea of an open phone
running Linux that was being sold as ready for use. Terribly foolish.

Heh, i don't know if i say everythink i want. English is not my native
> language and it was always problematic for me. As opposite to my Neo
> ;)
> dos

Sorry, but this just annoys me, I wanted a phone that I could start projects
on, not a project that might one-day be a phone.
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