GTA02 is now an expensive brick

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Jan 8 17:39:52 CET 2009

> not in there by default. As it's fundamental to a working phone it should
> be. And from the threads I;ve found it doesn't actually help everyone.

because the echo has many sources, the hw is only one -- the other is your  
location. even with my old phone i had echos sometimes which had to be  
attributed to the spot i were in.

for the rest of your posting: could you please stop right now?
the constant whining is jamming my inbox and nothing of what you (or  
others) were grumbling about is exactly new. in fact, the sdame stuff  
keeps to come up again and again and again.
we all know what shortcomings the fr has, what could have been done better  
in the past and what should be done in the future -- there is absolutely  
NO NEED to repüeat that over and over again, just because there a few days  
nobody said that!

i am sick and tired of people thinking thy have to take their personal  
disappointments to market every day, if you need to get rid of your  
disappointments join a fitness club, go in the woods and yell at squirrels  
or chop wood, but stop that constant annoying whining on this list  
(especially since it is a _support_ list, and that does not mean mental  

i bought the fr in june and i knew, it would be not totally ready for  
daily use, and yes, i was disappointed, that it did not even meet my low  
expectations -- but likewise i realized that it does not help anybody if i  
vented those feelings on the list.

if you are not able to use the fr as intended, please sell it on ebay. but  
stop to fill up my (and others) inboxes with pointless and sickening  
complaints -- we heard them already and know every single one by heart and  
we are sure it will not help solve anything if you go on and on and on.

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