GTA02 is now an expensive brick

Johny Tenfinger seba.dos1 at
Thu Jan 8 17:47:59 CET 2009

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 17:21, Gothnet <openmoko at> wrote:
> Thanks, but it took months for this to even be addressed, and even now it's
> not in there by default. As it's fundamental to a working phone it should
> be. And from the threads I;ve found it doesn't actually help everyone.

This command is added to FSO, but only on initialising modem. Patch on
ml was adding it to starting every call. mickey don't want to add it
do FSO before we will know, when this command is reseting.

> I'm guessing English isn't your first language. Did you mean to be
> insulting by calling me ignorant?

Yes, English isn't my first language. And no! I don't want to insult
anyone :) I only think, that people who are complaining on these
topics, should try to fix it by themselves. As me. What works for me -
later ;)

> Either way this was addressed upthread, firstly that not all of these
> issues are fixed and some are flat-out ignored, and secondly that no, I
> and others were not expecting to have to be giving the phone daily
> attention to get it and keep it in a state where it is useable as a daily
> phone. A mobile is important to my life, but not as its central object.

Yes, i know. Sometimes i'm using my old Nokia 6230i. But i know what i
can expect from FreeRunner. And i knowed it also when i was buying it
- in June. And i'm not disappointed.

> There's a difference between getting a system, flashing software, applying
> updates etc, and living with a mobile phone that fails to do anything
> properly.

I only flashed my Neo three times (except some testing flashes, like
Android - but it was only to test it, not to use as phone). One with
2007.2, and two times with SHR (because in first i mixed repos and was
too lazy to fix e fails ;)). So without one my fault - only two times.
And with both systems i was happy (only with 2007.2, when i had few
thousands smses in inbox, it was terrible slooooow)

> Really? So we're right to distrust and dislike OM? Thanks for the
> confirmation. By the way, back in July it wasn't easy to check. the mailing
> list was full of praise and "OMG it works!" and the wiki was full of
> interesting facts about things that *worked* in the various software
> distributions.

Because it works as expected. You are expecting more than it can do at
the moment.
And OM is doing sometimes stupid decisions. But not dislike them -
only have some distance.

> You have a responsive UI? Perfect sound? a fix for suspend/resume? No
> white/blackscreen faults? No GSM buzz? No problems charging when it's dead?
> No GSM bounce issues? No problems associating to multiple access points in
> one session with wifi? etc

SHR has very responsible UI. I was playing with alsamixer and have
great sound now. No echo on other side. Suspend/resume is working
reliably. I only had WSoD with andy-tracking, but i'm using 2.6.24 now
and i don't have WSoD's and BSoD's. GSM buzz is no louder than on my
Nokia 6230i. Never experienced 'bouinsing Calypso" bug, and #666 - so
i didn't upgrade gsm firmware. With wifi - i don't know, i'm using
only one access point at one place. Battery is working about 2 days. I
have GTA02v5 with "Date code" 21.06.2008

> Well done, congrats, share the software and hardware schematic updates with
> the rest of us please. And feed it back in to a reasonably easy to apply
> image/distribution.

Install shr-unstable, apply FSO patch on echo and play with alsa state
files. Nothing more.

> Besides which, most of the fixes seem to be a trade-off anyway. The first
> solution for echo seemed to be to turn various volumes down, and then you
> have a very quiet phone. The fix for the buzz is in hardware. The fix for
> calypso seemed to be not to use its sleep feature , which is bad for power
> consumption.

It was first echo solution. Next are good ;)
Buzz is hardware, yep. I'm lucky i don't have this problem. The same
with calypso.

> Yes, it was terribly foolish of us to buy into the idea of an open phone
> running Linux that was being sold as ready for use. Terribly foolish.

So buy Motorola U9. It's running Linux and it's ready for use. My
girlfriend has one and she's happy with it ;p

> Sorry, but this just annoys me, I wanted a phone that I could start projects
> on, not a project that might one-day be a phone.

So why have you buyed Neo FreeRunner? Have you tried software in
emulator? I was doing it before i decided to buy it. I can't imagine
that i will buy it without reading a lot and testing software.

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