Dictonary Software

Alexander Kappner alexander at godking.net
Thu Jan 8 20:06:28 CET 2009

I'd suggest you use the database from http://dict.cc . They also suggest 
some software packages for offline translation (just enter "about:wordlist" 
in the translation bar to see the page I am talking about). I do not think 
they have any software ready for FreeRunners yet, but they recommend various 
GPL'ed programs which might be ported quite easily. You can download their 
database free of charge (although not under an Open Source license, so 
everyone using your program would have to download a separate copy).

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> Hi
> I'm searching for application witch can translate German-English and
> English-German. Something like SlovoEd for Symbian (in my old Nokia).
> Or some Database that contain this (i would wirte the application myself).
> Thanks
> Walery ;o)
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