Once a whiner

Jan Henkins jan at henkins.za.net
Sat Jan 10 00:02:44 CET 2009

Marcus Stong wrote:
> I'd just like to say, for all the whiners using om 2008.x (I've been 
> one just recently, too), try FSO testing. I've been using it for a few 
> days, and everything seems to work like a charm compared to OM2008.x.

Thanks for the tip.

> Suspend works great, battery life is killer, boot time is good, 
> telephony seems solid. Granted there's no UI for wifi and no bluetooth 
> support, it's still eons ahead of OM2008 as far as I can tell. Really, 
> I think everyone needs to get over om2008, including open moko, 
> because it just doesn't work. But I have renewed faith in my phone now 
> that I've installed FSO. Great job FSO team!

What is your battery life like?

Jan Henkins

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