howto to get keyboard numbers for pin code?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sat Jan 10 23:59:05 CET 2009

I got my FR a few days ago and I've flashed today om2008.12, hoping to 
have some annoyances improved.

Setting aside the shock of seeing a totally new interface (figure out 
again how to operate it) instead of a polished original interface, I 
have now a rather vexing problem that I can't overcome: the pin code 
keyboard only displays letters, no numbers, ergo, no way to input my 
pincode! I can't see a way to switch keyboard (btw, neither a 
delete/backspace key)

What can I do?


PS: the new interface is not necessarily worse; actually, the concept 
might be better; however, polish and basic info on how to operate it, is 

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