Call Volume on wired headset

Marcus Stong stongo at
Wed Jan 14 16:33:45 CET 2009

I'm using the latest testing milestone of FSO, and am trying to get the
wired headset working better on zhone calls. The earbud volume is rather
weak. I've altered gsmheadset.state control.3 values to 1 (from 87). It's
turned up the volume a bit, but still not enough. I also changed the value
of control.6 to 1 as well.
Maybe I'm not getting how this works. I tried the maximum value of control.3
(120 or something), but that seemed to make it quieter.
Can someone guide me on how to make the wired headset louder. It's now a law
in Ontario that you have to use hands-free while driving, and right now, I
won't be able to hear anything with noise created driving on the highway.

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