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Wed Jan 14 19:03:53 CET 2009

I might show how 'green' I am (in regards to all things Linux), but Ubuntu
8.10 ships with Evolution Email (don't recall which version), but it works
near perfect with Exchange servers (cannot pull up shared calendars being
its 1 fault - this is NOT a show stopper for me).

My question (in a nutshell) was basically 'is there a portable version of
Evolution Email was available for OpenMoko?'  Because, the Evolution Email
guys got it working right, and that would be an absolutely ideal platform
for me.

During the setup process for the mail account within Evolution Email, you do
specify the HTTPS server hosting your Exchange account, but Outlook works
the exact same way.

So again, if Evolution Email is available on OpenMoko, then I believe that
YES there is a way to get Exchange email on a OpenMoko device...

Does that make sense? :)

Olivier Migeot wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Nicolas Dufresne
> <nicolas.dufresne at> wrote:
>> Evolution Exchange is a wrapper around the Web Interface of Exchange
>> server.
> Are you sure of that? I thought it was based on Exchange's WebDAV
> access, which is a bit different. Sure it's still tied to web
> technologies, and needs OWA to be enabled on the server, but it's much
> more efficient than wrapping around a web interface, and should work
> well over the internet (you can proxy it through HTTPS frontends or
> anything, if you want).
> There was another connector-like-thing named Brutus, who forced MAPI
> commands through CORBA. But it needed some code at both side (a daemon
> on the server side, and libbrutus on the device/application). I don't
> know if it's still active, though.
> There's also some opensource code regarding ActiveSync "over the air"
> in Zarafa/ZPush projects. This implements part (only server part,
> sadly) of Microsoft's protocol for synchronizing devices over HTTP(S)
> connections, supporting even "idling connections" (branded as
> "DirectPush") to avoid constant polling. Maybe someone can "guess" the
> client part of the protocol by looking at ZPush. It's PHP code, so if
> anyone is brave enough ;)
> Another way, which sounds much more practical for desktop than
> embedded use, is the wonderful work of OpenChange's guys : namely a
> bunch of code to emulate several parts of the Exchange architecture
> within an AD/Samba4 environment. Though it should be pretty effective
> in a LAN, I guess it would need some heavy tweaks to be used over the
> internet.
> Any other ideas?
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> Olivier
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