[FSO] Re: Call Volume on wired headset

Marcus Stong stongo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 19:05:14 CET 2009

Hey Al,
Phone's gta02 with FSO milestone 4.1.
I changed the values back up to 127 and 7, and rebooted, and then made a
call, with no difference. I wonder does FSO or zhone not use the .state
Just to be clear, I'm changing the gsmheadset.state file at


On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Al Johnson
<openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk>wrote:

> On Wednesday 14 January 2009, Marcus Stong wrote:
> > I'm using the latest testing milestone of FSO
> Please quote the actual version number to avoid confusion. As I understand
> it 'latest milestone' is currently 4.1. It also helps to know whether you
> have gta01 or gta02 as the mixer channel numbers are apparently different.
> > , and am trying to get the
> > wired headset working better on zhone calls. The earbud volume is rather
> > weak. I've altered gsmheadset.state control.3 values to 1 (from 87). It's
> > turned up the volume a bit, but still not enough.
> That's odd - setting it to 1 should give almost no output, at least on a
> gta02. Mine is at 96 and maxmum is 127.
> > I also changed the value of control.6 to 1 as well.
> From what? Mine is at 7 (maximum)
> > Maybe I'm not getting how this works. I tried the maximum value of
> > control.3 (120 or something), but that seemed to make it quieter.
> That's very strange. It seems as though you are editing the correct
> controls,
> and the differences should be obvious given the large level changes you
> seem
> to be making. I can't test it myself until I've resoldered my headset, but
> I've not had any problems with it in the past when changing audio settings.
> i
> haven't checked to see that FSO does actually use the gsmheadset.state when
> the headset is plugged in. I assume you are editing the file, saving the
> changes then starting a new phone call to test the settings.
> > Can someone guide me on how to make the wired headset louder. It's now a
> > law in Ontario that you have to use hands-free while driving, and right
> > now, I won't be able to hear anything with noise created driving on the
> > highway.
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