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Fernando Martins fernando at cmartins.nl
Thu Jan 15 00:19:05 CET 2009

Nicola Mfb wrote:
> 2009/1/9 Marcus Stong <stongo at gmail.com <mailto:stongo at gmail.com>>
>     I'd just like to say, for all the whiners using om 2008.x (I've
>     been one just recently, too), try FSO testing. I've been using it
>     for a few days, and everything seems to work like a charm compared
>     to OM2008.x.
> Umh... it seems it's not so stable...I was missing for the last 3 
> weeks so perhaps I'm outdated on some informations ;)
> However I installed the latest testing fso-image (14 jan), but it 
> seems it has no X server, on the download page it seems as that from 
> 13 Jan the image size is smaller than before. Is it something to be 
> fixed or am I missing sometingh?
> The image from 13 jan is not able to mount root device, and that from 
> 8 jan on the first boot freezed on the illume initial setup.
> I always thinked FSO is an "hacker" image to develop and test the 
> framework, and that the FSO team is not focused on the pure image 
> stabilization, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that now 
> SHR is actually the only alternative to Qtextended and 2008.12 to be 
> used both for production and for developing new applications in a 
> quite stable system environment ?
That's my experience. After more than enough frustration with basic 
stuff in 2008.x and FSO, I tried SHR (image 08.12.16) and I'm quite 
happy with it. Mind you, I'm not an intensive neither extensive phone 
user but I can easily pin the GSM code, call and add contacts. I love 
the screen keyboard although I could not find it by myself initially. 
I'm now playing with GPS, and it works but I'm getting long fix times 
(tried only a night in a single place). Plenty of apps to try out yet.

>        Nicola
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