GPRS experience on FSO 4 (was: Re: Once a whiner)

eric at eric at
Thu Jan 15 18:26:24 CET 2009

Hi Paul,
I enable GPRS about once a day now for about 20 minutes (GTA01, FSO4  
with no updates) and used it on a long driving trip recently.

Regular phone usage does not cause a problem, but enabling GPRS can  
cause the the modem to hang for me.  But, if I'm careful not to load  
too many things at once it seems to crash a lot less -- i.e. I'll stop  
the previous webpage from loading before loading a new one and usually  
turn off image loading in the browsers (midori or dillo).  If the  
modem does hang, powering off and pulling the battery for a few  
seconds is usually required for the phone to work again.

Nothing else causes the modem for me to hang these days.


Paul wrote:
> I just reflashed with the latest images from unstable.
> I can make phone calls kinda reliably, until it crashes.
> Receiving phone calls kinda works, although once I do, I can't release
> the phone call and the phone starts throwing errors.
> Am I doing something wrong?  Are you guys enabling GPRS on the phone?
> I have that module enabled so I'm not sure if that's causing the
> problem.
> Thanks.

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