Experiences with GTA02 and OM2008.12 (was part of the "Brick" thread)

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Mon Jan 19 03:41:09 CET 2009

Craig Woodward wrote:
> ---- Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at openmoko.com> wrote: 
>> Repeating rumors again and again still doesn't make them true.
> Within days of the December release there were questions about future
> GTA01 support, and it was said on the OM list that OM was no longer
> supporting the GTA01 in the OM2xxx images.  Admittedly, this was said
> by a non-OM employee (Rod Whitby), but nobody from OM spoke up to
> correct it.

I obviously don't represent Openmoko, and based my comments on the
release notes for those Om.x releases, and on public statements from
Openmoko developers - which may or may not correspond to overall
Openmoko strategy, depending on which developer is saying it ;-)

However, this is in the context of Openmoko moving to FSO-based images
"Real Soon Now", and the autobuilder for FSO-based images definitely
does support GTA01 - mainly because I maintain it, and up until recently
I only had a GTA01 to test with, and because Mickey and I want the
autobuilder to build for as many different phones as we can given the
resources available.

There has also been an update by Openmoko to gllin for the GTA01 since
Openmoko stopped releasing GTA01 Om.x images.

So you can't necessarily draw a "no support at all for GTA01" conclusion
from observing "no GTA01 Om.x images".

-- Rod

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