Andriod/Koolu (Was: Experiences with GTA02 and OM2008.12)

Craig Woodward woody at
Fri Jan 23 02:41:04 CET 2009

I think it was v5, the new version can be found here:

They just released Beta1 last night.  I'm installing it still, but should have it soon to play with. :)  It looks like the kernel is a larger andy-tracking version, so Qi may be needed for this release.

The real surprise for me was the front page that states "Koolu's image of Android will be installed at Openmoko Factory", selling the device (implied as the GTA02) for the low price of $349.  Openmoko Factory?  Or FIC?  I thought they were separate entities...

---- Ian Darwin <ian at> wrote: 
>Is that the one labeled "v5" on the download sites?

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