Screen flickering and tearing

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jan 26 17:54:43 CET 2009

can you try to post this on the kernel list? openmoko-kernel at
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On Jan 26, 2009, at 7:45 AM, Peter Strapp wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have come across what appears to be quite a nasty little bug.  
> After a
> while the right hand side of the display begins to tear and flicker to
> the right of objects. I have only noticed this in recent FSO builds
> using 2.6.28 kernels.
> The only other time I've seen this kind of tearing effect was when
> rotating the screen using xrandr before all the kinks were sorted  
> out (6
> months ago).
> (It isn't a bad quality  
> image,
> that is how how it appears)
> (This IS a bad quality movie but
> you can just make out the jittering next to the house icon)
> Has anyone else seen this before as I'd really like to rule out a
> hardware problem?
> Peter.
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