backup the PIM

Craig Woodward woody at
Mon Jan 26 21:44:36 CET 2009

Most of the images can be pushed onto the uSD card and run from it. (Even Android has been modified to do it.)  I'm sure someone has a blog for doing it that way if you look/ask around.  That would be a great way to test things, since you can flash it to the card and boot from it, leaving your "stable" QTExt in the on-phone flash.

---- "François de Ryckel" <f.deryckel at> wrote: 

Hi everyone,

My FR is working with QtExtended but I'd like to give a try to SHR.
However, I do not really want to loose all the contact there is the phone
during the flashing process.
I can use Neotool but this is pretty much it.  And with Neotool I don't
really know what exactly to back up?  I checked this page :
but it seems pretty rough for me!  Any idea on how to keep just the phone
numbers and SMS present on the phone?

Thanks for your help.


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