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Thu Jan 29 10:34:04 CET 2009

The problem happens when I play a music file, the audio is<br>
When I plug in anything into the headset jack, the audio never switches<br>
from the internal speaker to the headset.<br>
It does not even seem to be aware that the headset is even plugged in.<br>
It seems that I cannot use external speakers at all.<br>
This problem happens on both the original rootfs as well as on the<br>
2008.12 rootfs.<br>
I talked to a an audio technician at a local music shop and I am told<br>
that the speaker itself may be bad.<br>
I am both trying to confirm that it is in fact a bad speaker and not any<br=
of the &quot;buzzing&quot; issues as mentioned on the bug track and what I =
need to<br>
do to get the speaker replaced.<br>
Can the speaker part be ordered separately or will I have to send the<br>
entire board back?<br>
Any help would be greatly appreciated.<br>
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