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Paul paultsai at
Fri Jul 3 04:40:30 CEST 2009

I wanted to send an email saying that the work being done on SHR Unstable is
pretty awesome.  True to its name, it's unstable, yet I feel its more usable
than om2009's latest build.  The biggest advantage that it has over om2009,
is that it has a bigger repository of apps that work, e.g. FBreader is
unusable in om2009.

I recently had the buzz recall performed on my Freerunner and had them
install Android.  I was pretty disappointed with android because I was not
able to send and receive text messages and documentation is scant at best.
I was eventually able to send text messages but not receive them.  This led
me to abandon Android.

Right now, SHR Unstable makes receives phone calls/text messages and wakes
from suspend fairly reliably.  I am unable to get GPS to work and GPRS tends
to lock things up.  Also the Wifi is iffy.  These bugs, though annoying,
still allow me to use the phone.  I think getting the device to have a
stable gprs connection is the next big step.

Great work guys.  My device is no longer a brick!

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