Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 3 13:37:29 CEST 2009

On Friday 03 July 2009, Seth Rothenberg wrote:
> Have there been any developments on volume?
> (Note, my Razr V3 isn't as loud as I would like either :-)
> The volume worries me enough that I asked
> google if there are any pocket amps....(found one :-)
> http://www.headwize.com/projects/cmoy2_prj.htm

Judging by the headphone amp link I assume you're talking about volume on the 
headset. There's no progress since the problem and solution has been known 
since before the FR was released, and have been in the wiki for some time. 
Increasing the size of coupling caps improves bass response while shorting the 
33R resistors increases output level with low-z headphones. Nobody is offering 
the mods commercially as opening the can makes the process prohibitively 
expensive, and there's no SOP.


There's no shortage of portable amps, but you may be better off with one that 
includes a USB DAC. This is because of the 160Hz bass rolloff even with high-z 
loads like an amp. Here are a few of the many on the market.

Portable amps:
HeadRoom AirHead
Firestone Audio Fireye
Graham Slee Voyager

Portable amps with USB DAC:
HeadRoom BitHead
iBasso d2
Firestone Audio Fireye II

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