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Russell Dwiggins undrwater at
Tue Jul 7 21:59:01 CEST 2009

> maybe I should use Flite instead of espeak? It is posible?

My understanding is that flite is the default when navit is installed.  As
for volume, someone may have an answer, but if not, having flite or espeak
read a large file while playing around with alsamixer controls may prove
something.  I would recommend not doing this if you are currently using your
phone as a phone, since you may inadvertently change the settings for phone
use.  Still, if you find the control that changes volume for espeak or
flite, please report it back here.


Now for my question:

Navit uses a finite number of utterances (besides street names) for
navigation.  Can we record these utterances into .wav or other format in
such a way so that flite or espeak only speak out street names?  It might
come out like the following:


My voice: "Turn right onto"

Flite: "Main Street"

My voice: "after 100 meters"


This may be more a navit question than a OM one though.  Still, I'd like to
hear your thoughts.


Russell Dwiggins

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