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Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Sat Jul 11 02:50:44 CEST 2009

2009/7/11 Andreas Jonasson <andreas-jonasson at>:
> I actually did click that link before I sent my initial email to you but got
> an error message saying that there is a problem with the security
> certificate of this site. It is recommended that I do not proceed to visit
> this site. I don't understand the risk with ignoring such messages. Sorry
> for the trouble.

yeah, there's been discussion over this before, several people have
pointed out it's a shoddy way to do things. apparently openmoko sign
their own certificates (i think), so it's not recognised as coming
from a certificate authority. there's three things you can do:

1. change the 'https' at the start of the address to 'http'
2. manually accept the certificate
3. tell openmoko this is a bad way to do things, and to either get
certificates which aren't signed by them, or not use an https address
for something as trivial as unsubscribing from an email list. it
scares and confuses people to 'Add Security Exceptions'

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