Application idea

Seth Rothenberg seth at
Mon Jul 13 20:11:21 CEST 2009

Last week, my town put up new signs for alternate side
of the street parking rules (officially it say tow-away zone )-:
<rant> This is aka alternate-side taxation without
representation </rant>.

Separate from the political fight,
I thought of an opportunity for a technical
solution to this problem.

I could build a table of legal parking spaces,
and set my FreeRunner to tell me when I park,
that this space is only legal until 8:30 am....

There is a web site that has logic like this
for  NYC.   You point at a street, and it shows
green for the spots that are legal the longest.

In practical terms, it would be an integration....
when my home network is detected, it will
know to look at gps figures to check the
parking regulation table.
Then, in theory, it could Text-to Voice.
"Seth, just keep in mind, this is only legal
until 8:30 am."

Other possibilities...
If the phone remembers where I parked....
have an alarm at 8:22 say "Move the car!".

More sophisticated might be for each car
to have a FreeRunner, so the vehicle itself
can notify.

(I'd be willing to beta test or even help with
design review, but I don't have time this
year to do this project :-)

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