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François-Léonard Gilbert gilbertf at
Wed Jul 15 14:46:31 CEST 2009

Hello and greetings to the list.  I bought a fixed Freerunner A6 and my main
computer is a Mac.After a few days of fiddling, I can't get some things to
1) I had my freerunner delivered with Android, and I can't get adb to
What I could get running was USB networking, or more precisely I get
responses to ping.  I cannot ssh into the phone, so I may be facing an
*illusion* of USB networking....

2) since my SIM was delivered with a default PIN, I could not connect to the
GSM network using Android (known bug).
To remedy the problem, I flashed Qt Extended 4.4.3 (this went without a
hitch, thanks to Openmoko flasher).
After boot, I input the PIN and it seems to work (if I enter a wrong PIN, Qt
asks again, so this looks like it really works).
I went into the settings to remove the PIN, and it does not work i.e: Qt
still asks for a PIN on the next boot.

Moreover, Qt does not connect to Rogers' GSM network, and only suggests
900Mhz frequencies in the menu;  Rogers AND my phone are tuned to 850Mhz.

Finaly, I cannot "upgrade" to Qt Extended Improved because USB does not seem
to go up when I boot the Freerunner with USB plugged in.

On the short term (1-2 weeks), I have 2 objectives:
a) get some GPS road nav program working (I have no preferences for any
program, AndNav looks good but it seems to be buggy)
b) get the phone calls working (stretch objective)

Here are my questions:
a) how do I setup USB networking right?  It is not completely OK with
Android, and completely out with Qt Extended 4.4.3, and this would
facilitate much of the fiddling (remote session using a real keyboard...)
b) is there a bug in Qt 4.4.3 that prevents it from erasing the PIN from my
SIM?  Is it worth it to upgrade to Qt Extended Improved?
c) how do I check the GSM firmware version (may be the source of my GSM/SIM
problems?) so I do not add another complicated task to my short-term

Thanks for all pointers!
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