Newbie introduces, and has problems

Jose Luis Perez Diez perezdiez at
Wed Jul 15 15:11:27 CEST 2009

El Wednesday, 15 de July de 2009 14:46:31 François-Léonard Gilbert va 
> Hello and greetings to the list.  I bought a fixed Freerunner A6 and my
> main computer is a Mac.After a few days of fiddling, I can't get some
> things to work:
> 1) I had my freerunner delivered with Android, and I can't get adb to
> connect
> What I could get running was USB networking, or more precisely I get
> responses to ping.  I cannot ssh into the phone, so I may be facing an
> *illusion* of USB networking....

Android don't have a ssh server:
> .....
> Here are my questions:
> a) how do I setup USB networking right?  It is not completely OK with
> Android, and completely out with Qt Extended 4.4.3, and this would
> facilitate much of the fiddling (remote session using a real keyboard...)
> b) is there a bug in Qt 4.4.3 that prevents it from erasing the PIN from my
> SIM?  Is it worth it to upgrade to Qt Extended Improved?

You cannot erase the PIN ony change it or lower the security so it don't gets 

> c) how do I check the GSM firmware version (may be the source of my GSM/SIM
> problems?) so I do not add another complicated task to my short-term
> objectives?

also on qtopia on system info.

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