Newbie introduces, and has problems

Ali alishams at
Wed Jul 15 15:59:00 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 08:46 -0400, François-Léonard Gilbert wrote:

> On the short term (1-2 weeks), I have 2 objectives:
> a) get some GPS road nav program working (I have no preferences for
> any program, AndNav looks good but it seems to be buggy)
> b) get the phone calls working (stretch objective)
> Here are my questions:
> a) how do I setup USB networking right?  It is not completely OK with
> Android, and completely out with Qt Extended 4.4.3, and this would
> facilitate much of the fiddling (remote session using a real
> keyboard...) is your mecca. Only the
advanced way has worked for me, ever, and it has worked on every stack.
> b) is there a bug in Qt 4.4.3 that prevents it from erasing the PIN
> from my SIM?  Is it worth it to upgrade to Qt Extended Improved?
YES! Qte is dead and unsupported but forks of qte live on. My favourite
is qtmoko. Two flavours, one is on fso root fs, the other debian. Get used to flashing, you'll be doing
it alot.
Some background on qt(e)(i)(moko) if you're interested. Lorne a former
employee of trolltech did the initial import of the source for community
use. Some fellow, I can't remember his name but he does post on
community started qtei (Hoyu Li or something to that effect). Franky
forked it (under progess mail 1-1x on the community lists) and made some
changes. Another fellow was working on a branch of his own, qtmoko and
eventually got it running on debian. Now all three of them work on
> c) how do I check the GSM firmware version (may be the source of my
> GSM/SIM problems?) so I do not add another complicated task to my
> short-term objectives?
In qte(i), there is a a system info application with a modem tab. Sorry
I can't be more precise, but my freerunner is getting buzz fixed. Try
shr for a great experience, you'll get a very working system with full
gps support. And make sure your gsm firmware is at moko11. Navit for
fantastic gps and navigation. SHR had dbus crashing every so often, but
as time passes it seems to happen less and less. In shr the modem info
is in shr-settings somewhere, but any stack can use mickeyterm, do AT+CGMRAT
+CGMR . qtmoko should give you 100% working calls forsure. Good luck and
have fun!

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