[SHR Unstable] Copy + Paste?

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Thu Jul 23 02:53:37 CEST 2009

>even though I searched the forums/the www, I couldn't find a working
>way to copy+paste in SHR Unstable. One post by Rasterman suggested
>that you could open a copy+paste menu by pressing and holding the
>input device (stylus/finger) for about a second, however that did not
>work for me at all, neither in the terminal application that comes
>with SHR Unstable nor in any other program. Is copy and paste not
>implemented in SHR, or did I do something fundamentally wrong? :)

copy/paste works but differently in different applications:

e based apps - only fields that you can edit, write something, put long
press and select from menu

gtk based apps - only fields where you can edit and sometimes select
text - ctrl-c, ctrl-v

terminal - select and then use the paste icon, 

in general, copy paste support _is_there_ but there are apps where you
cannot copy/paste (for example you cannot copy text from sms you
received and paste it into another one you want to send).


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