SHR Logo contest starting now

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Jul 29 11:42:06 CEST 2009


SHR desperately needs a logo. We have none so far. Mmmh, mmmh, mmmh...

BINGO. A Logo contest:
Creative people of the world, SHR lovers, join together and submit

We will have a community poll, deciding on the logo to be used (core
devs reserve the right to veto though :-)) Preliminary deadline of the
contest is end of September 2009.

There will be no montetary prices, but you'll get praise and your
design will be seen on millions, ehh, thousands, ehh, well maybe on
dozens of phones every day...

If you are not graphically disabled, please consider to create and
submit an entry. If you are, tell your graphic designer friend to create
and submit an entry. If you don't have artsy friends, you can still pay
an advertisement agency to create a logo for us, can't you?

Please submit your entries on our shiny logo contest page over at:

The SHR Team

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