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I'm starting to think that this must be the case.   I've always had people
complain that they got a lot of static when they called me - I thought I had
the buzz problem in fact.   I just spent the time to figure out how to use
alsamixer to tweak things, and if I set control.5 (Mono Playback Volume)  to
83 from above 100 like I've seen in other gsmhandset.state files (ranging
from 100 to 110 seems normal), I get a perfectly clear signal on the other

I'll see if people now complain that I'm too quiet...   but it's a lot
better than the static.

I'd suggest that *everyone* try out alsamixer - I just called my phone with
a landline, and then fired it up alsamixer and experiemented with what
alsamixer called 'Mono' until the static went away...  Wish I'd figured that
out months ago...


On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 8:45 PM, Petr Vanek <vanous at> wrote:

> >> The link to the statefile produces a lot of static and echo.  I've
> >> tweaked mine to a usable level.  It is attached to this email.
> >>
> >> This file still needs work.
> >
> >Hmm.. interesting, I have no problems with it.. I wonder if the FR's
> >are unique in this sense..?
> i can only speak for myself - we have to FRs in our family and yes they
> really are unique in this sense - one needed this state file tweaking to
> put volume lower, another to set volume up higher
> Petr
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