help for newbie, and some python

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Jun 3 18:59:32 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 03 June 2009, Ovidiu Gavril wrote:
>      Ok, but if I install OM2009, is it a sure way to solve my problems?
> I'm more interested in Dbus problem than the opkg update problem.

Om2009 is using paroli and frameworkd, both of which are written in python, 
and communicate using dbus, so you shouldn't have any problems with it. I 
don't know anything about the org.openmoko.Dialer dbus interface you are 
using, but I guess it is now replaced by frameworkd.

I don't think I ever tried Om2008.12, but afaik it didn't make much use of 
dbus or python. I guess you would have had to install extra packages to get 
them working, but it looks like you are missing a python package, and the dbus 
session bus isn't started despite your use of dbus-launch.

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