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     Hmm... ok, and how can I get access to a terminal? In this moment, it seems all I can do is to make/receive phone calls, send/receive sms, and access to some settings, call-log and people. How should I make the connection with PC?

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2009/6/4 Ovidiu Gavril <ovidiu_gavril at>:
>      I've just installed OM2009 release and I can't access the device with
> USB. When I try to put an IP and a netmask on usb0 interface of my computer,
> I get "usb0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device", like
> nothing is connected to that interface. This works with OM2008.12 release.
>      Thanks in advance!

it's not usb0 anymore. don't ask why; someone changed it, apparently
it's more correct. the discussion is in the mailing list archives in
the last few weeks.

the name will be the first available eth interface. use ifconfig -a to find it

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