Android not finishing boot

Lars Nooden lars.curator at
Fri Jun 5 12:16:42 CEST 2009

I've just tried putting Qi and androidfs-koolu-beta3.jffs2 onto my

Qi seemed to work fine with Om2009 testing.

However, Android only partially boots and I'm unable to get the boot
menu again to load a different image.  Holding down the AUX button while
starting and holding the power button no longer does the trick.  How do
I get the boot menu again?


Here is what shows on the screen when booting stops:

Freeing init memory: 132K
Warning: unable to open an initial console
 A N D R O I D [21474550.1500000] modem wakeup interupt
init: Unable to open persistent property directory /data/propery errno:2
init: cannot find '/system/bin/playmp3', disabling 'bootsound'
init: cannot find '/system/bin/flash_image', disabling 'flash_recovery'
warning: `rild' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)

The unit will respond to pressing the power button with messages like this:
	pcf50633 0-0073: ONKEY is held
	pcf50633 0-0073: ONKEY is held for 1 secs

etc. so holding it down does not poweroff the unit.
Popping the battery does, but when booting, the unit vibrates very
briefly then the AUX button blinks red once.

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