[Om2009] PIN & PUK

David Fokkema dfokkema at ileos.nl
Mon Jun 8 10:36:06 CEST 2009

Hi list,

Getting a bit too confident, I decided to change the PIN (default 0000)
of my SIM.

1. Paroli doesn't require you to re-enter the PIN, to make sure you made
no typo's.

2. Paroli doesn't give feedback on incorrect old PIN values, so you
don't really know for sure the PIN was actually changed.

3. On startup, unlocking the phone with your PIN is not very verbose. An
incorrect PIN results in another 'enter your PIN' screen, but nothing
like 'PIN incorrect, only 2 tries left'.

4. When the SIM is blocked (incorrect PIN) nothing shows in Paroli. It
doesn't tell you that the SIM is blocked and that you now need to enter
your PUK code. Having already tried a few times, I asked a colleague for
his unlocked phone to really make sure I wouldn't block the SIM by
entering incorrect PUK codes.

So, does anyone dare reproducing this, ;-) ?



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