initramfs (was: Re: Om2009 testing release 4)

openmoko at openmoko at
Mon Jun 8 11:43:36 CEST 2009

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Day wrote (ao):
> The initramfs must be pregenerated.
> The command to create the initramfs is:
> find . | cpio --quiet -H newc -o | gzip -9 -n > /usr/src/boot-initrd.cpio.gz
> Place the initramfs into the kernel source tree, and then something
> like this config option should be used:
> CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="boot-initrd.cpio.gz"

There is no need to create the initramfs. You can just have this in your
kernel config:


The /home/user/initramfs directory gets included in the initramfs during
kernel build.

	With kind regards, Sander

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