Stylus replacement button cells

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Mon Jun 8 15:45:40 CEST 2009

Am Mi  3. Juni 2009 schrieb Joachim Ott:
> The original cells are labeled GP192, searching the web I found
> equivalent cells labeled LR41 AG3. But when I put 4 of them into the
> stylus, the laser beam was very weak and became weaker very fast. Is
> this cell type not suitable for the stylus?
> I bought this button cells in a set, 6 different types with 6 cells
> each for just € 3.00, and I tried 3 cells of type LR754 AG5, they work
> great and the laser beam is as if the stylus was new.
> Should I put this to the FAQ, and if yes, to which section? Hardware?
> Misc? A new section Accessoires?

Probably your blister pack purchase was aged battery cells (there's a reason 
those are sold for even 1€ now and then). There's no inherent incompatibility 
Please don't spam wiki with a single random observation.

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