Review of Om2009 release 4 & freerunner recall

Paul paultsai at
Mon Jun 8 16:19:30 CEST 2009

So I've been using the latest testing build of Om2009 release 4.  This build
is the most stable release I've tested to date provided all you use it for
is phone calls.  Paroli seems fairly stable.

I wanted to point out a couple of things.
1. Previously I complained about the buzz issue.  I just got an email
notifying that my Freerunner has a hardware defect and they are doing a
recall to rectify the situation.  I have a a5 hardware revision.  If this
really is the problem, then this complaint may be moot.

2. Parolli occasionally will become unresponsive after a call/sms message
(This was listed as a bug)

3. Using GPRS will cause the phone to crash after a couple of minutes.  Once
I turn this on, I have to restart in order to use the telephone features

4. The UI seems sluggish, typing, bringing up menus, etc.

5. Using GPS (TangoGPS) causes xglamo to eat cpu.

6. (parolli) Call Log/SMS does not elegantly handle the prepended 1 in phone
numbers.  This causes contacts without the prepended 1 to not be associated.

This release is a good start.  When these bugs are ironed out, it'll be a
great foundation to build an app library on.

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