[om2009-r4] Warren's Settings Worked for Me (was Re: Om2009 testing release 4)

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Mon Jun 8 16:29:38 CEST 2009

Am Mo  8. Juni 2009 schrieb Risto H. Kurppa:
> > Joerg, I also tested this by lowering Mono to 72 with alsa-mixer on my
> > A6 OM2009 Test4 after reading Warrens mail, and I now no longer sound
> > like sitting on a motor lawnmower during a call.
> >
> > Maybe this is something different than the Buzz Issue, but it improves
> > sounds for the other party a lot.
> I've experienced that on some settings the background noise of my
> environment (=cars / computer fan / air conditioning / ...) is
> amplified a lot when I'm silent and the person I'm talking to can hear
> it. It isn't easy to recognice what's the source of the noise but I'd
> say there's some tunign to do to make this work. So I don't think it's
> the actual buzz but amplifying the environment.
> r

See my other post wrt EC and calypso noisegate. Basically I'm telling your 
story there.

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