[Android] SD-card not mounted

Linus Gasser ineiti at markas-al-nour.org
Mon Jun 15 09:47:31 CEST 2009

Joachim Ott a écrit :
> 2009/6/14 Linus Gasser <ineiti at markas-al-nour.org>:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm trying out the Android Koolu beta 7 version from
>> http://freerunner.android.koolu.com/release-files
>> Unfortunatly it always tells me "SD card not mounted". So I tried the
>> following command, as noted on some wikis and mailing-lists:
>> setprop EXTERNAL_STORAGE_STATE mounted
>> but it doesn't help at all. Neither with the original 512MB SD-card from
>> Openmoko, neither with a SanDisk 8GB card...
>> any other ideas of what I could try?
> Have you partitioned the SD card as Android wants it? That is, a FAT
> and then an ext2 partition.

I thought that beta7 does this automatically. According to the link 
above, it is enough to have one FAT-partition on the SD-card. Or do I 
still have to do the partitionning?

Funny thing is that with the console on Android, I can see the /sdcard 
partition with files in it. So I think it is OK.


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