Dead Touchscreen, display is fine

Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Jun 15 18:51:09 CEST 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009, vancel35 wrote:
> I was out riding my bicycle this past weekend, and I don't have a carrier
> for my FR to keep it easy access for splitting GPS tracks, so I carry it
> against my skin.

ziploc bags are great for cheap waterproofing when cycling.

> I sweated on it, but it still worked fine.  When I got home, I connected it
> to my computer and transferred all of the TangoGPS files to my computer for
> processing.  I left my FR connected to my computer to charge it up.
> After a little time, I wanted to do something on my FR, but the touchscreen
> was completely unresponsive.  I tried taking the back cover off and the
> battery out to let it dry for a few hours, but the touchscreen is still
> completely dead, but as I said, the display works as usual.

IIRC someone else had this problem after it got rained on. I don't remember if 
there was a solution. I would look for some debug output from the touchscreen 
driver to see if it's seeing something odd.

> Another odd issue is that it normally charges in a few hours connected to
> my computer, but after leaving it connected all night last night, it's
> still only at about 80% charge.

That sounds like the normal, correct operation of the PMU to stop it killing 
the battery. See:

> Is there a connector that may have gotten wet, or anything that may just
> require me to take the cover off and have a look?
> Thanks for any info,
> Laura

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