Problems to configure openmoko bridge with ubuntu

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Fri Jun 19 15:51:11 CEST 2009

2009/6/20 Daniel Ramirez <yoescribo88 at>:
> Well, i've been trying to configure my new Neo FreeRunner GTA02. I could
> make the initial connection with my Ubuntu 9.04; i can make the computer see
> the moko, i can even connect to it via ssh, but i couldn't ping the outside
> world from the moko. I tried multiple methods (as are listed in the USB
> Networking section) but nothing works. May somebody knows the best way to
> fix it? It appears to be a problem with iptables (i wrote all the suggested
> commands, nothing happend).
> All the help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

have you got wicd installed? it's a replacement for the endlessly
sucky network-manager (or something like that). it's a drop-in, no
need to change any config, but it makes things so much easier, and
it's in the ubuntu repos. i'd recommend that, and then come back if
things aren't fixed. even if it doesn't sort your problem, i'd suggest
using it

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