[Paroli] Developing applications

David Fokkema dfokkema at ileos.nl
Fri Jun 19 21:30:03 CEST 2009

Hi list,

(I've asked before on IRC (#paroli), but the powers that be apparently
weren't present, :-)

What's the easiest way to develop applications for Paroli? Presently, I
installed Om2009, ssh'd into my FR, went
to /usr/share/paroli/applications, created a new dir and created the
skeleton code:

import tichy

class GpsApp(tichy.Application):
    name = 'GPS'
    category = 'launcher'
    def run(self, parent=None, standalone=False):
        print "GPS RUNNING!!!"

killed paroli, started /usr/bin/paroli and waited a long time for paroli
to initialize itself. It goes through the whole enter-your-pin ->
Loading... sequence and that's not really helpful when you want to
quickly test your app. I tried to move out services and applications to
another dir but that freezes the loading... part.

What's great, BTW, is that GPS shows in the menu immediately. Clicking
on it  prints GPS RUNNING!!! to the terminal. Paroli/Tichy seems really
nice, but alas, little or no documentation is available. That's
understandable, but having good documentation attracts developer love.

BUT: what is the correct workflow for developing paroli apps?

(should I cross-post to community?)



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