gsm problem

Albert Dengg albert at
Wed Jun 24 00:07:06 CEST 2009

after i recently upgraded my openmoko gsm firmware to moko11 i got
a really strange problem: even though i can make and recieve calls
(and send/recieve sms) just fine, i can't get any sound (i don't
hear the other side and they don't hear me). before the flashing,
it worked (well aside from a differing sound quality expirience).
in fear of damaging my gta02 i used the uSD method just to be
shure and i got a message that everything went fine.
any ideas whats wrong or what i can do change the situation
(i had to move back to my mostly broken old mobile because of this,
so testing is a bit time consuming...).

i currently use shr, though it does not work with om2008 or 2009
either (and it worked with shr before the gsm firmware change).

any ideas on what to do are welcome..


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