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Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Thu Jun 25 23:36:22 CEST 2009

Am Mi  24. Juni 2009 schrieb Albert Dengg:
> hi,
> after i recently upgraded my openmoko gsm firmware to moko11 i got
> a really strange problem: even though i can make and recieve calls
> (and send/recieve sms) just fine, i can't get any sound (i don't
> hear the other side and they don't hear me). before the flashing,
> it worked (well aside from a differing sound quality expirience).
> in fear of damaging my gta02 i used the uSD method just to be
> shure and i got a message that everything went fine.
> any ideas whats wrong or what i can do change the situation

There's no problem known with calypso FW update that could result in broken 
So I suggest you double-check your SHR rootfs to be correct, esp wrt scenarii 
files. You might want to call
mickeyterm -c


if that doesn't help

please log in to the flashing-uSD system via ssh (after the initial flashing 
finished. you can boot from this uSD a second time without doing any harm).
In root's home dir you should find to shellscripts, called sth like 
flash-moko11 (iirc) and flash-moko8 or sth. you can easily call these scripts 
to downgrade to a former version of calypso-fw, or even edit to your needs.

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