input/output error - a directory appears to be a hard link

Aleš Horák ales.horak at
Mon Jun 29 20:37:56 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I am using shr testing of April 16 - a few days ago neo started to
report problems with /home/root/.sortdesk/* directories:

   /home/root/.sortdesk/GPS appears to be a hard link
   /home/root/.sortdesk/Games appears to be a hard link

and listing it reports Input/Output errors:

   $ find /home/root > /dev/null
   find: /home/root/.sortdesk/GPS: Input/Output error
   find: /home/root/.sortdesk/Games: Input/Output error

and sortdesk (of course) does not work.

do you happen to know of any other help then to reflash the whole
phone? it seems that no other files or directories are affected.


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