Freerunner won't boot: dies in uboot

Chris Wright dhasenan at
Tue Jun 30 13:24:16 CEST 2009

2009/6/30 arne anka <openmoko at>:
>>> i say, the battery is flat -- your symptoms perfectly match.
>>    Except that the Freerunner runs fine from USB power alone.
> my experience is otherwise -- but it has been a long time since i let the
> fr run that low. maybe something crucial has changed since.
> but if you mean "only usb, not battery inserted" -- i wouldn't know. never
> did that, my situation has been simply a flat battery that didn't boot.

Apparently there are hardware revisions that will run off USB power
alone. Mine isn't one of them.

As for the power off trick, my freerunner dies before it can power
off. I'm waiting on a new wall charger; if that doesn't work, I'll
just get another battery.

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