Palm/PDA Content on FreeRunner

David Corking lists at
Tue Mar 3 22:14:14 CET 2009

I don't know about the other OS's but in theory this is what you need
for older Palm applications under Linux (without 3rd party

(1) POSE - the Palm OS emulator  - this is open source and
downloadable from the usual repositories
... but ... I think POSE only compiles for Intel, so you also need:

(2) Some kind if Intel x86 emulator for the ARM Freerunner

Finally (3) you need licensed access to a Palm OS ROM image, around
version 3.5 (4.0 onwards are not compatible with POSE as far as I
recall.)  These ROMs are in development kits, and of course in
old/recycled PDAs.

Palm OS after version 4 is a completely differently kettle of fish
that I can't begin to speculate on emulating on a Freerunner.
Although later versions were an evolution of 3.5, at some point it
switched architectures and became incompatible with POSE.  Palm/ACCESS
never produced another open source emulator: the later development
kits were Windows only.

ACCESS new Palm operating system is Linux under the hood, and Palm
compatible, and may well run on Freerunner, with ACCESS cooperation.
You would probably have to kick openmoko off it.

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