FR works but can't charge battery

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at
Thu Mar 5 18:34:21 CET 2009

On Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 01:31:39PM -0700, Steve Leung wrote:
> More worryingly, charger_type in that dir says:
>   none mode 500mA
> To me, that means it can tell that 500mA is available, but that it 
> can't/won't give it to the battery.

   No, "none" is the detected charger type and "500mA" is the USB current
limit. It means that the USB ID pin doesn't have a level identified as a
charger (obviously as you have USB plugged in) and that no voltage is
detected on the USB power pins.

   Just for completeness sake, you can check the contents of the charger_adc
file with USB supply as well as with charger supply.

> It just seems like something has been zapped in the FreeRunner (since it 
> used to work fine), and the bits that would actually pull current across 
> the usb port aren't working.
> Just for kicks I tried opening it up but didn't see any obvious melted 
> parts... hey, you never know, it might be something easily visible!

   The first thing I would check would be how far into the Neo you can
measure voltage, starting from the USB connector. This is mainly to check
that it isn't simply a broken connector at fault. If there's 4-5 V all the
way to the PCF50633 PMU, then it's likely something inside the PMU that's
been zapped.

   The second thing I would check, if there is no voltage at the USB
connector, is if the Neo is drawing current at all from the USB host. If it
is, chances are one of the two reverse- and overvoltage protectors have

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