SD Card read/write errors and NSOD

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Mon Mar 9 16:06:41 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I'm experiencing read/write error on my 8GB SD card Kingston C08G
| SDC4/8GB 07 (wiki reports this card shoud work!) with 2.6.28 shr-testing
| kernel and with 2.6.24 from 2008.12, followed some times by NSOD (Noise
| Screen of Dead).
| This does not happen when GSM is off.
| I found a similiar problem on
| , the difference is that I have the problem with 2.6.24 kernel too! (I
| followed the suggestion to down the glamo clock and the slow memory
| without success)
| Before updating the ticket with my details I'd like to know if there is
| kernel version suited to test this better, and have community feedback
| to know it this problem affects ather peoples too.

What does the "noise" look like, is it also the top-down block of static
"random" pixels described on the trac

or "jazzy" moving pixels, or all over the screen, or in a defined
invalidated area not redrawn or what?

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