More than 7 partitions on the SD

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Il giorno lun, 09/03/2009 alle 23.48 +0200, Timo Juhani Lindfors ha
| scritto:
|> "Pietro \"m0nt0\" Montorfano" <monto84 at> writes:
|>> Sooo, how it's that possible?? Why can't we simply patch the driver
|>> which make the mmcblk device to let us create all the devices?
|> drivers/mmc/block.c has the limit:
|> /*
|>  * max 8 partitions per card
|>  */
|> #define MMC_SHIFT       3
|> #define MMC_NUM_MINORS  (256 >> MMC_SHIFT)
|> Feel free to change but I doubt this will be accepted upstream.
| Well this could be a solution, openmoko may compile that (mmcblk) as a
| module (need to verify that) and we or I can provide an opk that

I don't think this will happen in order to scratch this pretty unusual itch.

One way you can solve it for yourself is by rewriting (with dd) the
first sector that contains the partition table and rebooting.  So you
can have two "views" on to the rest of the storage exposing just the
partitions you want in each view.  That'd get you 14 partitions and the
ability to share eg /home between the two views and so all OSes.

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