BrokenMoko (burnt)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Mar 12 10:20:27 CET 2009

Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> I still have no clue as to why that happened, I certainly never plugged
> it into 230V :-).

My personal theory was that your power supply has produced an
overvoltage and fried the PMU. But the PMU looks healthy. (Well,
I didn't measure the USB current.)

Another theory is that the bead doesn't like 1 A for extended
periods of time. But then, if this was a general problem, we'd
see more units with that issue. As far as I know, yours is the
only one that did this.

Yet another theory (by Joerg) is that your power supply has a
lot of high-frequency ripple and the bead had to work extra-hard
to get rid of that.

- Werner

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